Ottawahomeoffice.ca  a division of Brezach Solutions Inc. is pleased to provide a 1 year warranty.

Brezach offers the following 1 year warranty to the original owner of products purchased from Ottawahomeoffice.ca. The warranty protects the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover any onsite labour or transportation costs incurred during the warranty period. Brezach Solutions Inc. will repair and/or replace, solely at its discretion, components found to be defective, as the sole remedy for any covered defect. These warranties do not cover products that are abused, misused, altered or damaged during the assembly by the customer. Warranties do not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear or any products being used for rental purposes. Brezach warranties do not apply to failures resulting from: negligence, abuse, misuse or accident, improper assembly, installation or maintenance, modification, attachments or unauthorized repairs. Brezach makes no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any specific purpose and makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than set out here. In no event shall Brezach or Ottawahomeoffice.ca be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, nor for any damages, whether incidental, consequential or exemplary. Note: Warranties set out below are based on normal home product use unless specifically stated otherwise. Normal use is defined as normal work from home use (8hrs/day - 40hrs/week) for users weighing up to 250 pounds.


Products considered consumables (e.g., lamps and floor mats). • Products exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures or excessively dry or humid environments. • Variations occurring in surface materials including but not limited to: • Matching of grains, textures, and colors across dissimilar substrates and lots, or presence of character marks in laminate surface materials. • The colorfastness or the matching of colors of textiles • Marks, scars, or wrinkles occurring naturally in leather. • Damage, marking, or staining of veneer surfaces due to contact with rubber or similar compounds, sharp objects, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Brezach Warranty examples and details

Chair fabrics

Covered for normal wear, however are not covered for tears, cuts, stains


Covered moving parts and components such as: casters, cylinders, arms, sliding seats, adjustable backrests, headrests. Plastic components. Not covered are arm rest that have been forcibly broken off possible damage floor casters or glides may cause to floor surfaces. Should you be concerned about your floors please contact Brezach Solutions Inc for options. 

Surfaces Laminates

Covered for delamination of edge banding or laminates, not covered for scrapes, scratches, items beings dropped on the surface or general misuse of the surface

Electric Height adjustable motor

Covered for all moving parts unless the table is overloaded beyond manufacturer load specifications.